Finding errors is at times harder than creating the game in the first place. Hopefully this version is error free. Or, the bugs that are present are unnoticeable. Personally,  being the creator of the game, I cannot finish one play-through without changing something. Nothing new has been added to this version. This is simply fixing some of the bugs that are in the original Version 7D, such as the Diner bug and the heather_motel_1 variable to name a couple. By the way, if your Main Menu does not look like the image above please let me know. I will tell you how to fix it.

I’ll post the other links when they become available.

MEDIAFIRE PC                             MEGA PC                                   GOOGLEDRIVE PC 

MEDIAFIRE MAC                         MEGA MAC                               GOOGLEDRIVE MAC


Added 2 unique scenes to the Motel (Heather and Ms. Fine):

Added additional H-Scenes for the following Characters –

Lana – 2

Heather – 1

Robin – 3

Elaine – 1

Ms. Fine – 1

Fixed several bugs including Charmaine at the Diner.

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