I’ve been creating Rocking Robin for quite a while now but believe it or not I think I am still an amateur coder. I make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. I’m much better at fixing them than actually finding them. With that said, thank you everyone for pointing them out to me. You all are a great help. The good thing is that the real errors didn’t come until nearly the end of this version. That means we have been ironing out the errors in the beginning really good. By the way, if anyone is stuck in Finestime, go to the roof and use the phone.

One thing I really like is constructive criticism. This is my first game and I haven’t played many others so it helps to hear how you believe a game should be and also things that I should add to the game. However, I have never added or removed content with the intent to upset or disrespect anyone. So, there is no need to be rude when providing that criticism.

Bug hunting and fixes has slowed me down just a little but I am still moving at a steady pace. I also want to add one more thing, objectives. If everyone says it, it must be true lol. I am going to try to use them to explain why you are doing certain task. I’m wondering if I want to add them to the phone or to the screen when he sits in the car. Maybe both. I expect this to add an extra week to the release.

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